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How it works

  • What is a calling card?

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    • An international calling card allows you to make low cost international calls to destinations all across the world from the UK. You can use any landline phone, any mobile or even a payphone.

  • Where can I buy the Tesco International Calling Card?
    • INSTORE: You can buy cards in any Tesco store in the UK and Northern Ireland, subject to availability. Please check the Tesco Store locator for your local store. If you cannot find one on display, please ask a member staff.

      OVER THE PHONE: Just dial 0330 0010 252 and follow the prompts.

      ONLINE: Click here to buy a virtual Calling Card online. We will email you all the information you will need, and we can even send you a free text containing the details. You will be able to make a cheap international call straight away!

  • How do I top-up the Tesco International Calling Card?
    • INSTORE: Go into any Tesco store and hand over your calling card at the till. You will be asked what amount you wish to top-up the Calling Card. You can top-up £3.00*, £5.00, £10.00 or £20.00. You can also top-up in any shop displaying the PayPoint Logo.

      OVER THE PHONE: Just dial 0330 0010 252 and follow the prompts.

      ONLINE: Click Top-up an existing Calling Card or Buy a Calling Card now and follow the steps.

      *Please note that the £3.00 top-up option is only available in-store.

  • When does the top-up expire?

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    • • The top-up expires 180 days after applying it to your card.

      • If you top-up within the 180 days, the 180 days resets from that date.

      • If you reach 180 days without topping up, you will lose any credit that was left over.

  • Does your service always work 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
    • • Yes the service is 24 hours, seven days a week - though no telephony service can offer 100% guaranteed service due to reliance on other telephony companies. We do our best and use quality routes only. We have quality checks in place to help avoid poor quality lines and give you the best possible call experience.

      • If you do happen to experience a poor connection, please call Customer Services on 0345 025 5550 and let us know the number you are trying to call or email care@tescointernationalcalling.com and we promise to look into it and get back to you. (Please include your 10 digit pin number, located on the back of the card under the scratch panel).

  • How do I use the Tesco International Calling Card?
    • Please click here for a step by step instruction.

  • What is the Access Number?

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    • The Access Number is the telephone number you dial to connect to our service, and once you connect, simply follow the instructions.

  • Which Access Number should I use?
    • Any of the Access Numbers will work. We offer more than one Access Number to give you a choice. Generally the Local Access Number is the cheapest when calling from your landline or mobile. If you are calling from a payphone, it may be better to use the 0800 number. We do suggest that you check with your telephony provider or mobile network to check charges to ensure that you use the cheapest method for you.

      Local Access Number - 0330 0010 252
      Alternative Local Access Number - 0330 0010 252
      *Payphone OR Landline - 0800 097 2468
      National - 0845 025 2468

      *Please note that as of the 10th September 2014, there is a 90p PER MINUTE surcharge to call the 0800 097 2468 Access number from a payphone. This is a charge that has been imposed by the payphone operators and, unfortunately, something that is beyond our control. We recommend that you use the Local Access Number where possible, or seek and alternative way of accessing our service, either by mobile or landline, via the 0330 0010 252 number.

  • Where is the PIN?
    • The PIN is underneath the silver scratch panel next to “STEP 2” on the calling card.

Getting more

  • What is PINless dialling?

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    • • We have a smart telephony platform that can remember your phone number. After you have called the Access Number and entered your PIN, simply press ***.

      • When you call the Access Number again, the system takes you straight through to make a call (or to the top up section if you do not have enough credit).

      • If you wish to stop PINless dialling call the Access Number and then simply dial **0

      • To go to the main menu, simply press **#

  • How do I call back to the UK whilst overseas?
    • You can use our service from 5 other countries outside the UK. These are Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain. Simply call the local Overseas Access Number from that country to access the service. Not only can you call back to the UK from those countries but you can call anywhere in the world. Please do not use our service from a UK mobile while roaming overseas.

      Belgium (Brussels) - 02 808 3788
      Belgium (Antwerp) - 03 808 2468
      France (Paris) - 017661 8212
      Ireland (Dublin) - 01 437 2468
      Netherlands (Amsterdam) - 010 742 2468
      Netherlands (The Hague) - 070 262 2468
      Spain (Madrid) - 911 822 707

  • Who can help me if I have any further questions about the Tesco International Calling Card?
    • Please call *customer services on 0345 025 5550 or email care@tescointernationalcalling.com and we will be happy to answer your questions. (Please quote your 10 digit pin number, located on the back of the card under the scratch panel)

      *Customer Service Opening Hours

      Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm
      Saturday 8am - 8pm
      Sunday 10am – 6pm

Charges & rates

  • Can I call UK premium numbers or non-geographic numbers via the calling card?

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    • • 0870, 0845 & 0844 Numbers are charged at 8p per minute.

      • 0800 numbers are charged at 2p per minute.

      • You CANNOT use this service to dial premium rate services.

  • How do I get charged?
    • • You ONLY get charged when your call is connected. This is a charge per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute. To see the latest ‘per minute’ rates to your country click here.

      There is a connection charge of +4p* for each CALL that is connected.

      *There is no connection charge for calls made via the Tesco International Calling App.

      • There are NO hidden charges from the Tesco International Calling Card. Other calling cards may advertise lots of minutes with their cards, however, they may also have other charges such as ‘daily maintenance fees’ and hidden ‘termination fees’. Additionally, many other calling cards may also have very short credit expiry periods.

  • Are there any additional charges or surcharges?
    • • If you call from a public payphone in the UK, there is a 90p surcharge PER MINUTE to cover charges imposed by the payphone operators, as of 10th September 2014.

      • If you call the 0800 097 2468 Access Number, there is a 1p surcharge PER MINUTE to cover charges imposed on us by operators.

      • If you call the Access Number from a mobile phone, some mobile operators may charge you to call 0800 Numbers or 0845 Numbers, so it is generally cheaper to call the 0330 or 0208 Access Number and use your bundled minutes (if you are on a plan). If you are on a PAYG rate or out of bundle minutes, then you will be charged your network landline rate. Please check with your mobile network provider to get the correct rate.

      • If you call any Access Number from a hotel phone, we have no ability to influence additional call charges imposed by the hotel itself. Please check with your hotel on these charges prior to making a call.